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When you issue a loan to a borrower that is secured by real estate, you need to know your new interest in the property won’t put you at risk. If foreclosure occurs, the recorded debts are paid off in order of lien position. A title search and a private lender title insurance policy ensures the mortgage on the real estate securing your loan will be the first to be repaid.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if your loan is not in the first position?

    If the property is foreclosed upon, the recorded debts associated with the property are paid off in lien position order. If there happens to be an existing mortgage recorded against the property at the time a private money note is issued with a mortgage recorded, that note would be paid with funds after the first mortgage balance was repaid. In a foreclosure situation, there may not be enough funds to cover the outstanding balances of second or third-position liens.

  • How can I guarantee my lender funds are secure?

    The only way you can guarantee the funds you are lending is by having a private lender title insurance policy issued to the lender at closing.

  • Who pays the costs associated with a private lender title insurance policy?

    In most cases, the borrower pays the closing costs associated with obtaining a private lender title insurance policy.
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  • The chances of a title claim are so little. Is a private lender title insurance policy worth it?

    The chances of a claim are so little because of the curative work IRA Title Pro real estate closing specialists do from the time they receive your title order until closing. Every property has title items that need to be cleared. The IRA Title Pro team insures a clear and marketable title prior to closing to avoid potential issues. Without a private lender title insurance policy, our team cannot perform this work and the risk falls solely on the lender.

  • Can't we save money if we don't record the mortgage?

    Yes, you could save money on the local and state transfer taxes and recording fees. However, the loan funds and security interest in the property could be at risk.

Other Services For Private Lenders

  • Closing Services

    IRA Title Pro offers a single point of contact for closing so you can get the deal done 11 days faster on average.

  • Secure Funds Transfer

    Direct integration with Equity Trust ensures expedited closing document creation and execution.

  • Municipal Lien Searches

    Uncover unrecorded property debt (outstanding building permits, code enforcement violations, outstanding utility bills, special assessments).

  • Mortgage Recording

    IRA Title Pro will handle the recording of all documents and ensure all transfer taxes and document stamps are paid in full at Closing.

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