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The more you know about your investment property before you close, the more you can maximize your income potential. IRA Title Pro’s Smart Tracker Property Report compiles data from MLS, public records and leading financial services companies to give you the most accurate estimate of your property’s value and equity. Why spend hours each month tracking down hard-to-access data and crunching the numbers when we’ve done the work for you?

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Smart Tracker Property Report includes:

  • The current estimated and historical value of your property
  • Your current estimated cash-out potential for home improvements, consolidating high-interest debt
  • Net worth of your property if you sold today
  • Insights to time-sensitive decisions including when to buy, sell or make improvements
  • Appreciation since acquisition of investment property
  • Tips for saving money by understanding the impact of increasing your principal payment and refinance potential
  • Comparison of your property to others in your area

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